We have been in markets since we started in early 2012, and our first adventure was the OLD BISCUIT MILL. We were very lucky to get this market as our pioneer market. We have learned a lot, and have grown since!

We have done so many other markets in between but only the best ones remains, such as The Galileo Open Cinema, The Earth Fair Market & obviously the Old Biscuit Mill.

The Galileo Open Cinema: This a market that only runs from Oct to Apr (as per summer season) and from 6pm to 8:45pm as the movie usually starts around that time. This is an open cinema under the stars and we have been doing this market since day 1. It has already been three seasons of great success and exposure. We have three different venues per week; on Tuesday, Hillcrest Quarry; on Wednesday, Kirstenbosch; and on Thursday, the V&A Waterfront. Three different venues per week, three different movies per week.

The Earth Fair Market: This is our newest acquisition, where we have been only for a couple of months. And so far it has been a great success. We do change our offering depending on the market, as not all the markets are the same. We have different products to adjust to the different palates. This market is in TOKAI and it runs every Wednesday from 3pm to 8:30pm.

The Old Biscuit Mill: Our first love�this is our home. We feel at home here and, more importantly, people know us! And they always come back for more! We have our regulars as well as our LOCALS! This market only operates Saturdays 8am to 2pm. And it’s a great one!

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