No. JUAN! Our Retail Products division is called No. Juan. Witch other way should I have called?? It could only be No. JUAN!!

We distribute our products to Western Cape delis as well as some restaurants. We have a couple of unique products under the N. Juan Brand. These products are 100% manufactured by ARGIES, (except the Raw Organic Honey, sourced from Grabouw). All the products are 100% South African, but manufactured under original Argentinian recipes.

Dulce de Leche: ARGIES' flagship and original product. It's the number one ingredient in all Argentinian breakfasts, desserts and coffee breaks. We use it on Croissant, Waffles, Cakes, Toast, Pancakes, out of the jar or even on our bodies�That’s right! It's simply that GOOD! The ingredients are simple: milk, sugar, and vanilla with a little bit of heaven. We sell it in Jars of 280gr @ R50 each.

CHIMICHURRI: Our sauce is not only used for grilled meat, as I heard Vegetarians and Vegans use them in their veggies, and pastas as well. This 100% Gluten Free, Preservatives Free, Dairy Free, Vegan Sauce is originally from Argentina but also used in Uruguay, Bolivia, and in countries as far north as Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico. The origin of the name is unclear. There are various stories explaining the name as a corruption of English words, most commonly the name 'Jimmy Curry or 'Jimmy McCurry'. Ours is done under our brand N.JUAN where you can buy it in 280Gr jars @ R50 “Original� the “Extra Fuerte�@ R50, also in their Dried presentations as well as the Chimichurri Salt “Original�& “Extra Fuerte�prices TBA. So you can choose your favorite that will take you Braai to the next level�The ARGIES level� :)

RAW ORGANIC PURE HONEY: This liquid gold has been sourced all the way from the Overberg District in Grabouw. This particular honey has a taste I have never experienced in any other raw honeys. You taste the goodness in it. Like any premium-quality honey it solidifies in less than a month. Then you know you are having the real deal straight from the beehives! So worthwhile the drive!! We sell them in 500gr @ R65 each.

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