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A truly South American Experience

We are a catering company stablish in 2012 and since then we been delivering unique experiences tailor made to each customer needs. We started In 2012 at the Old Biscuit mill were we started with my chorizo, chimichurri and empanadas (today all part of N° Juan offering ). Soon after that I had 5 markets each day of the week, and Catering start flowing. A R G I E S is an extension of myself… its just like me… unique, super tasty, naughty, efficient and a lot of Argentinian confidence sprinkle all over . Said that… my principles lay on the best local quality and truly South American Soul making easy for me to deliver an unique and esquisse experience. We are one stop shop as we cover Food & Beverage, DJ, Entertainment, Decoration and Rentals. Also we are nationwide,  as all we need to cook an outdoor space and our own design equipment.

Meet our chef

A real food story of an Argentinian that fetched up in South Africa and just wanted to share his country's flavours.

I always watched my Mom prepared the everyday food, and on the contrary my Dad, wasn’t cooking very often; but once he cook, it was mind blowing! Therefore since early days I started cooking for myself. I used to be always the only one cooking for my friends and family. i landed in South Africa on the 29th of April 2003 as a 23-year-old and a bag full of ideas and visions. After early beginnings in other industries (being a DJ for 16 years then I had an Import-Export, Tour operator and a Plasticware shop), ARGIES was born in 2012.

My passion is a mixture of food and fire. I love to express myself though my food. Hence my catering company enhance this two elements to the maximum. My first pop up in South Africa was in 2015 , then I open at Mojo Market in 2017, Then I open my first restaurant in 2018 PICADAS (84 Shortmarket Street) and finally N° Juan in 2021 at Love my Neighbour (110 Bree Street).  Actually I am concentrating on ARGIES and in our sister company N° Juan (produces Argentinian delicacies in Cape Town and supplies SPAR and many delis), but also contemplating my next big restaurant. 

Our Mission And Vision


Our Mission

We are the South American Catering company in Cape Town, the originals, the N° Juan!  


Our Vision

Is to become the No. 1 open fire Catering in South Africa.